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Cheshire Baptist Church

Why Give to Cheshire
baptist church?

Ministry can be trying at times and the church was put into place by God to help those who are around us. In order to be able to help people in our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and state, we need your help and your donations. Every donation goes to the church's mission to reach our communities and advance the gospel. It is our desire to be able to fund missionaries to advance the gospel all the more both nationally and internationally. We also desire to see great organizations that help pregnant mothers to navigate through what might be a scary time by giving them support and all of the help they might need so that they feel like there are other options than things like abortion. 

ways you can donate:



You can come to our church and enjoy worshiping, hearing Gods word and giving. We would love for this to be your first option as we would love to be able to meet and have a meaningful relationship with you!



You can also set up an account with our mobile giving service. If you would like to do this then all you have to do is text "GIVE" to "(413) 287-6544" and then follow the steps. It's easy to set up and easy to either give one time or set up a recurring payment! Check out the video for more instruction! 

On our App

If meeting in person is not an option, then we are always streaming online on our FaceBook page. Just look for Cheshire Baptist Church on FaceBook! And if you would like to give then you can download the app "Church by Ministry One" Then search for Cheshire Baptist Church and go to the give tab! Or just click below!

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